Dear friends, we bring to your attention a new issue of the World Customs Organization magazine “WCO news” № 3 / 2022, № 99. The topic of the issue is Disruptive technologies in customs.

In our opinion, in the published edition, the most interesting materials on the declared topic relate to a general overview of disruptive technologies in the article by the WCO Secretary General, Mr. Kunio Mikuriya (pp. 16-18), WCO Data Model (pp. 18-23), automated detection in Dutch Customs (pp. 27-30), artificial intelligence (pp. 30-34), and digital transformation in Swiss Customs (pp. 42-47).

The mentioned WCO journal does not deal with scientific research in the field of customs, however, it perfectly presents the best law enforcement practice in customs administration, and also reveals the main events taking place on the WCO platform.

In general, the journal is of interest to students and graduate students for understanding international cooperation and organizing the work of modern customs in a practical way, including when writing research papers.

The magazine can be downloaded at the link.

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