The Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Customs Academy

Nadezhda Lipatova

Director of the Institute


Leading Researcher of the Russian Customs Academy, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher (Associate Professor)



140009, Lyubertsy, Moscow Region

Komsomolskij prospect, 4

Tel.: +7(495) 500-13-90



 General information      

The Research Institute of the Russian Customs Academy was established in 2014. The Institute is a structural unit of the Russian Customs Academy, carrying out scientific and research activities within the framework of the statutory activities of the Academy.

The main activities of the institute are:

  • implementation of fundamental, searchable, applied, research and developmental works on customs activity issues;
  • participation in scientific and technical programs, competitions, grants and other forms of scientific research conducted by ministries and departments in order to carry out accreditation indicators for the Academy;
  • preparation of scientific papers: monographs, articles, reports, textbooks and other types of scientific works;
  • formation of issues of the journal «Bulletin of the Russian Customs Academy», – a peer-reviewed scientific periodical edition on economic and legal sciences;
  • preparation of information and analytical materials for the leadership of the Academy, for meetings and Boards of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, for the Academy website, for the media.

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Additional information

Subdivisions of the Research Institute:

Department of Scientific and Information Research in Customs

Head of Department: Tamara Mikhailenko,

Doctor of Philology, Professor.

Tel .: 8 (495) 500-13-01

Scientific editors of the magazine “Herald of the Russian Customs Academy”


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Department of Economic and Legal Studies in Customs

Head of Department: Vladimir Novikov,

Doctor of Economics, professor.

Tel .: +7 (498) 602-39-64


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Department of the Study of Problems in the Theory and Practice of Customs Control, Trade Nomenclature, Expertise and Trade Restrictions

Head of Department: Kozhuhanov Nikolai

Ph.D., associate professor

Tel. : +7 (498) 602-39-10


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Department of the Study of Customs Problems of the Development of Eurasian Integration

Head of department: Gladkov Andrey

Tel.: +7 (498) 602-39-62


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