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The Russian customs academy of Federal customs service of Russia

The creation of effectively operating system of preparation, retraining and improvement of professional skills became one of the major conditions of perfection of activity of customs bodies of the Russian Federation. The Russian customs academy (RCA) is first in the history of Russia a State educational institution of the higher education and the only (among the others in the world) specialized institution of the higher education of  customs profile.

Customs academy – is the head educational, scientific and methodical center of professional education of personal for Customs service of Russia.

The academy is created according to the Decision of Ministers-governments Council of the Russian Federation on September, 22nd, 1993 № 940 on the basis of Institute of improvement of professional skills and retraining of customs offices of the State customs committee of the Russian Federation.

The academy has a state accreditation of July, 27th, 2006 – the certificate № 0261 and the license of March, 31st, 2006 № 7236 on the right of conducting educational activity in educational training sphere on specialties: 080115 – Customs affairs, 080502 – Economy and management on the enterprise (customs), 080102 – World economy, 030501 – Jurisprudence, 030505 – Law-enforcement activity.

The academy carries out a professional training for customs bodies of the Russian Federation, and also for customs services of the states-participants of CIS (according to special agreements) on full-time and correspondence tuition under programs of the higher educational training, and also preparation of scientific and pedagogical personal of the highest qualification on eight specialties.

The quality of preparation of listeners (students) is provided with high professionalism of the faculty departments and employees of functional divisions of Academy. 17 Professors and, 71  Ph.D. work in Academy.

The full-time tuition accepts men and the girls of 17 years old, living in the Russian Federation. To help entrants to be accepted in Academy, the preliminary courses are operating in RCA from October till June.

With a view of maintenance of educational, research and other activity in Academy are available: the educational buildings, new library with 285 000 volumes, sport-complex (two gyms, a shooting gallery, skiing base), two hostels, a dining hall and two buffets.

The CHARTER of the state educational institution of the higher education«Russian customs academy» is confirmed by Decree of Federal customs service of Russia on February, 19th, 2008 № 155, with changes and the additions introduced by Decrees of  Federal customs service of Russia of May, 20th, 2009 № 895.

The 4th Regional educational center of the World Customs Organization is created on the basis of the Russian customs academy, which is engaged in professional training of customs officers for customs services of the foreign countries.

The listeners from republics of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Transdniestria, Turkmenia, Mongolia are passing education in Customs academy now.

The Academy includes three faculties (customs affairs, economic, legal), Institute of improvement of professional skills, Institute of law-enforcement activity, 19 departments (the organizations of customs control, customs payments and currency control, the customs statistics, commodity research and customs examination, means of customs control and criminalistics, information customs technologies, humanitarian disciplines, the economic theory, financial disciplines, economy of customs affairs, the theory and history of the state and law, civil law, criminal law, the administrative and customs law, management and psychology, foreign languages, perfection of language preparation of the experts, special disciplines, physical preparation).

The Russian customs academy includes in its structure also the Research center, Science-information center, Post graduate department, conducting preparation of scientific and pedagogical personal of the highest  qualification on economic and jurisprudence science, Publishing department and other divisions.

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