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In 2011 it was launched the project “CUSTOMS ACADEMY: SCIENCE” (CAS). Russian scientists, young researchers, graduate students, and practitioners of customs authorities were able to familiarize themselves with relevant information on scientific research in the field of improving customs regulation and trade facilitation. This project is not official, and the published studies reflect the private point of view of the authors.

RCAS represented scientific works of the Russian researchers in the field of customs regulation, which, in our opinion, is an important aspect of training both for scientists and customs officials.  It is introduced here also the news of the branches of the Russian Customs Academy related to customs science. Taking into account the processes in the international Customs community, understanding the importance of training today’s researchers in the field of customs based on international experience, this informational resource also contains materials of the World Customs Organization, Eurasian Economic Union, as well as external specialized information resources actively contributing to the development of customs science and law-enforcement practice.

The administration of the RCAS project expresses its readiness for constructive cooperation with stakeholders (scientists, graduate students, young researchers, practitioners) in order to bring to the public scientific activities of the Academy, as well as international scientific and practical developments in the field of customs regulation.

Author of the project:

Sergei MozerPh.D. at law

e-mail:  moser@teloneum.ru


Telegram: https://t.me/teloneum