Dear friends and colleagues,

We hereby bring to your attention a collection of publications on the topic «Development of the Institute of Digital Customs: International Legal Aspect», which was published at the Russian Customs Academy in December 2021. The author of the book is Sergei Mozer, Senior Researcher at the Research Institute of the Russian Customs Academy, Ph.D. in law.

The collection of publication contains the author’s scientific articles published in the period 2019 — 2020, which reveal the historical and modern facts of the formation of the institute of electronic and digital customs in the World Customs Organization (WCO). It is analyzed various areas of activity of the WCO working bodies for the development of digital customs. Attention is paid to the issues related to the preparation of the Digital Customs Concept, the Digital Customs Maturity Model, Digital Customs Work Program of the World Customs Organization. The author investigates the issue of correlating the analyzed institution with various instruments of customs regulation, which are created by the international customs community in the World Customs Organization.

It should be added that the first research work of the author on this topic (Digital Customs: WCO experience) was published in 2019 and presented to the attention of international experts on 18.06.2019 during the 20th session of the Revised Kyoto Convention Management Committee at the WCO headquarters in Brussels.

Sergei Mozer

The publication can be useful to a wide range of specialists in the field of international customs cooperation and improving customs regulation based on international standards. It can be used by researchers, teachers, students, graduate students and other categories of students at the Russian Customs Academy, other universities and Regional Training Centers of the World Customs Organization in the specialty «Customs Law», «Customs», as well as by specialists of the WCO working bodies, customs and other executive authorities in the Eurasian Economic Union Member States, experts of the Eurasian Economic Commission for the organization and implementation of mutually beneficial customs cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Commission and the World Customs Organization

We hope that the collection of publications presented to your attention will be useful in the framework of the WCO capacity building, and will also make it possible to intensify work regarding the further development of the digital customs institution.

The author expresses his deep gratitude to the heads of the Academy and colleagues of the Editorial and Publishing Department for their help in publishing the book.

The book can be downloaded here.

Rind regards

Sergei Moser