In the context of the information message dated 01/23/2023 on the 19th session of the Administrative Committee of the Customs Convention on Containers 1972 (Administrative Committee), we invite you to familiarize yourself with the Handbook Customs Convention on Containers, 1972.

With a view to maximizing the benefits of the Customs Convention on Containers, 1972 and promoting accessions, the Administrative Committee for the Convention decided to prepare a Handbook on the Convention.

The Handbook provides a historical background, a discussion of the benefits of the Convention, the text of the Convention, opinions of the Administrative Committee, practical information relating to the Convention and a section concerning container security.

The Handbook is intended to serve as a practical guide to implementing the provisions of the Convention, not only for Customs administrations but also for all other parties concerned with container traffic. Parties using the Handbook are invited to send to the WCO Secretariat any information of interest and use for the implementation of the Convention, which may be incorporated in the Handbook wherever appropriate.

The handbook can be found at the link

Sergei Mozer

Russian Сustoms Academy: SCIENCE

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