Scientific-practical conference «Economics of customs: yesterday, today, tomorrow»

On February, 8th, 2012 according to the plan of scientific work of the Russian customs academy a scientific-practical conference of department of economics of customs on a theme «Customs economy: yesterday, today, tomorrow» has taken place.

The event was arranged in a situational hall of the educational-situational center of the Russian customs academy. The branches of the academy, the high school faculty, post-graduate students and students of the academy, and also representatives of the Federal customs service of Russia became the participants of a conference.

During the conference the following questions have been considered:

1. Content and concept «Economics of customs».

2. Development of structure and academic subject «Economics of customs» within the frames of the preparation of experts and bachelors under the educational standards of 3rd generation.

3. Actual directions of development of economic activities of customs bodies at realization of Strategy of Federal customs service till 2020.

It is known that the Federal customs service of Russia according to its mission solves the problems of maintenance of economic safety of the state. In interests of achievement of this purpose the state forms the customs policy, which is realized on the basis of the created legislative and standard base, providing functioning of all participants of foreign trade activities. According to experts of the Ministry of economic development and trade and the Ministry of finance of Russia the important role is taken by the economics of customs at creation of this base. At the same time different researchers-economists put various sense in the given concept.

As the deputy chief of the Russian customs academy on scientific work Mr. Anatoliy Chernysh noted in his report, the researches spent in the Russian customs academy show that such situation doesn’t promote the harmonious and purposeful work of public authorities on formation of comprehensively well-founded customs policy of the Russian Federation. It also doesn’t promote formation the academic subject «the economics of customs». Thereof a question on essence and the concept of «the economics of customs » has important professional value.

In this context the administration of academy has applied to the participants of conference to state an objective and all-round estimation of the considered problem questions declared for discussion.

The conference format and also circle of its participants has allowed to designate the cornerstones of economics of customs. The representatives from science have stated various points of view concerning economics of customs, which can be considered as the theory, practice and academic subject.

It is necessary to notice that the conference devoted to the problem questions of economic of customs is spent for the first time to Russia. Thus specified academic subject is being read in many Russian high schools. Certainly, the theory of economics of customs causes real interest, no less than a set of questions from the Russian scientists involved in process of it working out and development.

According to the participants of conference point of view, the reports sounded on spent scientific conference, should be publish and place for general discussion in scientific circles. In the near future the edition of collection of materials of the conference «Economics of customs: yesterday, today, tomorrow» is planned for publishing. In addition some reports will be placed in open access for acquaintance on a scientific-information portal «Science – the Russian customs academy».

The developed material devoted to spent scientific-practical conference, will be placed on the server in the near future.