By the 25th anniversary of the Russian Customs Academy, a team of authors of the academy prepared the textbook «International Customs Cooperation». The book was edited by Mr. Mantusov, head of the Russian Customs Academy. Exclusive rights to use and disseminate the publication were transferred to the Unity publishing houses.

Textbook authors: V.B. Mantusov, E.V. Lobas, N.G. Lipatova, Yu.I. Somov, M.V. Boykova, O.G. Bobrova, A.R. Gladkov, B.I. Ketsba, Sergei Mozer.

The textbook contains a systematic presentation of the concepts, principles, goals and objectives of international customs cooperation, an analysis of its subject composition, legal, economic and organizational foundations. It is outlined the issues of international customs cooperation in the areas of trade facilitation and simplification of customs procedures, law enforcement activities of customs authorities.

A separate section of the book describes the activities of the World Customs Organization as a modern institution for improving customs regulation.

For the professional training of university students in the specialty «Customs», it can also be useful to customs officers, researchers, graduate students involved in solving scientific and practical issues of international customs cooperation.

Note: In the published textbook the output information about the book does not contain information about all above-mentioned authors (except for V.B. Mantusov). The group of authors is indicated on the 11th page.