Dear friends,

In 2020, at the platform of the Eurasian Economic commission (Commission) they began the work on amending the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union (hereinafter, respectively – the Customs Code of the Union, the EAEU, the Union). The work is carried out within the framework of the Working Group on improving the customs regulation of the Union.

The year 2023 has come and today we can state the following:

– in the scientific and expert environment there is no understanding of what results have been achieved as part of the ongoing work to modernize the Union Customs Code (UCC);

  – there are no answers to questions, in particular, what legal institutions and legal structures are supposed to be modernized, for what purpose this is being done, what operations of customs authorities are being improved, and trade procedures are being simplified, what real benefits are received by economic operators;

– the scientific and expert community (outside the Working Group) is not aware of the conceptual, methodological approaches to improve the Union Customs Code;

– the business community of the Union Member States, it seems, is not “particularly interested” in the modernization of the Union Customs Code, since this topic is not particularly positioned at forums organized by business experts.

As a result, we can talk about “silence” in scientific research on the issues of improving customs regulation in the EAEU. The reason is the lack of first-hand information among researchers, including graduate students and students, about the expected amendments to the basic document of the Union, which regulates customs legal relations.

It is our deep conviction that the moment has come to start a PR campaign dedicated to the legal innovations of the UCC.

I would like to believe that the experts of the Commission and the Union Member States, involved in the work on the modernization of the EAEU Customs Code, will soon announce new legal approaches and designs of the modernized legal instrument.

To date, the only sources of information on the improvement of the EAEU Customs Code are:

  • expert opinion dated August 16, 2021 by Mrs.Tatyana Dubrovskaya, Deputy Director of the Department of Customs Legislation and Law Enforcement Practice of the Eurasian Economic Commission (read);
  • report and presentation dated December 21, 2021 by Mrs. Marina Selivanova (Department of Customs Legislation of the Department of Customs Legislation and Law Enforcement Practice, EEC) (read).

The research-paper of Sergei Mozer (2022) on improving customs regulation in the Eurasian Economic Union can be found here.

I recommend you to read the named expert opinions.

Sergei Mozer

Russian Сustoms Academy: SCIENCE