Scientific-practical conference «Actual aspects of formation and realization of innovative programs in modern conditions»

On December, 14th, 2011 a scientific-practical conference on a theme «Actual aspects of formation and realization of innovative programs in modern conditions» has taken place in the Russian customs academy. The action has been organized according to the reached arrangements between the Russian customs academy and Noncommercial partnership «Management company» Society holding ».

The representatives of the universities, Secretary of the Commission of the Customs union, the professorial personnel of the academy, research assistants, post-graduate students and students have taken part in the conference work.

Thanks to the system of a video multiport communication in the customs academy the conference was attended by the post-graduate students, students of the Rostov, St.-Petersburg, Vladivostok branches of the Russian customs academy. The conference caused interest of business community which representatives have declared participation.

For the organization of the conference such questions as the general concept and general algorithm of realization of the program of projects «Conveyor of innovations», organizational-legal aspects of realization of the program, the organization of financing of the program, the organization of innovative practice of pupils for the decision of problems of restoration of rare vanishing species of flora and fauna, and also search of innovative technical decisions for extraction from vegetative raw materials of valuable biochemical substances, creation of student’s innovative small enterprises and venture infrastructures on the basis of «Agricultural innograd», the organization and maintenance of business, excursion, educational tourism, and also country and pension rest have been offered to discussion.

As the pro-rector on scientific work of the Russian customs academy, the doctor of military sciences, professor Anatoliy Chernysh noted, it was the first conference in the history of our union on noncommercial partnership in the field of innovations. About concept «innovation» there are heated arguments, everyone tries to fill it with its maintenance. Following the instructions of the Federal customs service of Russia on necessity of carrying out of basic researches, the Russian customs academy gives a close attention to scientific work in sphere of innovations. The academy expresses readiness to represent itself as a serious scientific platform for discussion of problem questions in the field of innovations, innovative processes, technologies.

Earlier on the basis of the Russian customs academy the conferences interfaced to studying of innovative development were repeatedly held. As a rule, the problem questions in the field of customs, and also near-customs spheres were mentioned.

In this context the chief of department of research of problems of information security in customs of the Research center of the Russian customs academy  Marina Rylskaja has noticed that for the last 2-3 years a considerable number of monographies and manuals on cases in point have been issued in the Academy. For example, researches were spent in such directions as innovative aspects of reforming of customs, innovation as the factor of competitiveness of national and world economy, innovative approaches to the decision of economic problems in customs, innovative directions of development of the modern financial market, securities, the currency market.

For today with a view of studying of experience of realization of innovative projects, and also organizational-legal aspects of realization of  the programs, the cooperation with potential partners, experts and scientists also in the area of noncommercial partnership is a matter of interests of the Academy.

Within the frames of the conference the most interesting reports have been represented by the president of Noncommercial partnership «Management company» Society-holding », the director of the innovative center of Joint-Stock Company» «Rosgiproles», the chairman of Coordination council «Conveyor of innovations», Doctor  V.G.Andreev, the head of «the Russian unified exchange system» Mr. S.V.Tsybulskiy, the head of department of organic chemistry of the Moscow pedagogical state university, a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor E.E.Nifantev, and also the deputy director of department of the central federal district of Joint-Stock Company «Agency on forecasting of balances in electric power industry», Doctor., the senior lecturer of engineering department of the Moscow power institute (technical university) P.M.Titov.

The participants of the conference have agreed with a position about necessity of  intensification of efforts on realization of scientific potential of those who study in the Academy, involving of the students, post-graduate students, scientific academies in the realization of projects in above designated sphere, as such approach will allow to mobilize both additional resources and  ideas of scientific character.

In conclusion of the conference an acting head of the Russian customs academy, the doctor of political sciences, professor V.A.Chernyh thanked the  participants, having underlined once again about readiness of the customs academy to act as a scientific platform, and also to give a platform for realization of ideas of the students, post-graduate students, scientific, experts for realization of innovations in life of the Russian society.