WCO News N°84 — Octobre 2017

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04   Flash info

04 — Pre-loading advance cargo information: latest status update
       By Craig Clark, Branch Chief, Advance Data Programs and Cargo Initiatives, Office of Cargo and 

Conveyance Security, US Customs and Border Protection, and 
Asha Menon, Senior Technical Officer, WCO

06 — Latest accessions to WCO instruments

07 — Cross-Border Trade, Insecurity and the Role of Customs: Some Lessons from Six Field Studies in 
(Post-)Conflict Regions

07 — New instrument on royalties and licence fees


08   Dossier : Council 2017

10 — Reflections on the six areas of work identified by WCO Members as a priority
By Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, World Customs Organization

14 — Tariff and Trade Affairs 

18 —  Procedures and Facilitation

23 —  Capacity Building

28 — Compliance and Enforcement

33 — Elections 2017 Photo Competition, Signing Ceremonies, 65th anniversary in pictures


36   Panorama

36 — True leadership through greater awareness
By Rob Jansen, Programme Manager, Leadership and Management Development Programme, WCO

40 — Enhancing results in the fight against the illicit trade in cigarettes: 
Dominican Customs’ positive experience
By the Dominican Republic’s Customs Directorate

44 — Cross-border e-commerce in China 
       By Hao Wu and Robert Ireland, WCO Research Unit

48 — Fragile borders and Customs activities in a post-conflict situation: 
the case of the Central African Republic
By Thomas Cantens, WCO Research Unit, and Sidoine Yeremi, National Customs Expert, 
Central African Republic

54 — Saudi Customs launches an AEO programme
By Abdulrahman Althukair, Director of Risk Management and Head of AEO, Saudi Customs


56  Focus: Transit

57 — Highlights of the WCO Global Transit Conference

61 — Electronic transit system boosts Central American trade
By Christian Volpe Martincus, Inter-American Development Bank

63 — More integration needed to combat transit fraud
       By Giovanni Kessler, Director General, European Anti-Fraud Office, European Commission

66 — Mobilizing trade and transport operators in West Africa to break down non-tariff barriers
       By Sarah Quainoo, Membership Coordinator, Borderless Alliance


69 — Point of view

69 — Better data for better border protection
       By Inna Kuznetsova, President and COO, INTTRA


71   Events

71 — Calendar of Events