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WCO Round Table on Cross-Border E-Commerce in the margins of the WTO MC11

During the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference (MC11) in Buenos Aires, to which the WCO Secretary General, Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, was invited as a Special Guest, the WCO and the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) of Argentina jointly organized a round table session on  «E-Commerce: Game changer for Customs, Trade and  Consumers» at the AFIP building on 11 December 2017.

Armenia hosts its WCO National Workshop on the Harmonized System 2017

In connection with the modernization of the work of Customs, the Administration of Armenia hosted the WCO national Workshop on the practical implementation and application of the Harmonized System (HS) 2017.  The main objectives were to address, in a comprehensive manner, the most essential aspects of this work and to assist the Armenia Customs Service with the uniform interpretation and application, and the timely implementation of the 2017 edition of the HS.